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Irrigation Installation and Service

Williamson's Irrigation and Lighting offers professional irrigation design, installation, and maintenance services to fit all of your residential and commercial irrigation needs. We install and support all major irrigation brand products, using only the most up to date technology. One of the owners will come to your home to measure your yard, and talk to you about your irrigation needs. We pride ourselves in meeting our clients needs. Whether you want to add a drip irrigation system for your flower pots, or irrigate your entire lawn and landscaping. No job is too big or too small.

We offer a variety of maintenance services to keep your system running to its fullest potential. Williamson's Irrigation and Lighting, services all brands. So even if we didn't install your system, you can take advantage of our expert services. We also offer yearly winterization service contracts. Sign up in the fall and let us keep your irrigation system free of freeze damage.  We will then start it up in the spring and keep it in top shape for the rest of the season!

  • System Repairs -  We service all brands of irrigation systems and products.
  • Spring Start Ups  - We will start up your irrigation system at the beginning of the season, set watering times, and run through each zone to check for optimum sprinkler coverage.
  • Mid-Season Inspections - Mid-season inspections are aimed at those customers who want regular maintenance checks to keep their irrigation systems running at their peak performance. Our service technician will inspect each zone, check for signs of a problem, and adjust any sprinkler heads for optimum coverage.
  • Winterizing System - The most important thing you can do to protect your irrigation system from freeze damage is to have it professionally winterized each fall. Systems that are not properly winterized will likely need costly repairs the next spring,  We use air compressors with pressure regulators to ensure a proper winterization.
  • Pump Testing & Repair - We specialize in irrigation pump repair and service including pump winterization with a warranty against freeze damage.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor living has become a huge part of home and yard design. Outdoor living helps bring the inside of the house out to the yard. Williamson's Irrigation and Lighting can make your property part of the outdoor living movement, We have been designing and installing landscape lighting to fit all of our clients outdoor living needs. Everything from accent to path lights to hardscape and spot lights,we have done it all.

Over the last 3 years, LED lighting has been a big part of landscape lighting design. LED has revolutionized the industry. Williamson's Irrigation and Lighting was one of the first companies in the area to adopt using and installing LED fixtures. The big advantage of LED is the energy savings. You can virtually save approximately 75% of your energy consumption when using LED instead of incandescent. The benefits of LED do not stop there however. Fixture lamp life is 40,000-50,000 hours vs. typical halogen incandescent lamp life of about 5,000-10,000 hours. So you save money on lamp replacement and service charges as well. In fact, an LED system will generally pay for itself in saved energy costs in approximately 4 years.

So, be sure to consider Williamson's Irrigation and Lighting for your next outdoor lighting project. You should also consider making us your company for all you landscape lighting service needs. Let us help you property look great around the clock.

Drainage Systems

Williamson's Irrigation and Lighting can help you with those problem washouts or wet spots in your yard. Whether it be from air conditioning units downspouts or poor drainage/ low spots. These areas in your yard can become unappealing or even hazardous. We can help with solutions to efficiently manage your water run off. We provide your water issues a new exit strategy!

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